Handheld 3D scanner Stonex F6

Outstanding Volumetric Scanner for Field Use

STONEX F6 is the market leader 3D handheld scanner for fast scanning of big objects and large areas from short to far ranges.

Based on a patented innovative encoding algorithm, the F6 provides superb quality data making it the ultimate device for scanning complex scenes within seconds.

The F6 is operated by Echo, an advanced and easy-to-use integrated software with high-end features such as:

  • Advanced scanning modes with real time feedback
  • Powerful 3D data editing tools
  • Data quality for controlling distances and accuracies
  • Advanced meshing with full color projection


In just a few minutes, everyone can use the F6 scanner technology and our software to digitize 3-storey buildings in 30 minutes at an accuracy level of 09 mm.

Browse your environment at the record pace of 640,000 points/s.

Scan everywhere

The F6 scanner fits all environments, especially closed spaces in the dark, without the need for GPS. You need to scan the inside of a building, the structure of a bridge, a mine, a cellar? We have the solution for there.

Save time & money

You can capture and model complex data up to 10 times faster, allowing you to complete projects in minimum time, without disruption or disruption at the project site.

Range max.
0 m
0 kg
0.1 %
Points /s

Designed cleverly with high-end materials.

Maximum Durability: Precision designed model to provide a rugged and durable unit.

System benefits

  • Portable & light weight
  • Not limited solely to small objects
  • Accurate and fast
  • IR light for operation in any lighting conditions
  • No scene preparation necessary
  • Geometry deciphered via encoding
  • Accessibility to hard-to-reach places

Technical specifications



0,2% – 0,1% upon scanning distance

XY point density

5 mrad

noise level

Less than 0,5 mm @ 1 meter

Eye safety

Class 1

Ambient lighting

From complete darkness to daylight

Depth of field

4,5 – 0,5m

Linear field of view

HxW 510 x 670 mm, closest range

Linear field of view

HxW 4585 x 6070 mm, furthest range

Angular field of view

HxW 54 x 68°

RGB camera resolution

1,3 MPix

Video frame rate

8 images/s

Exposure time

0,04 – 0,005 s

Data acquisition speed

640.000 points/s


Multi-core processing


Support OS

Windows 8/10

Output formats



USB 2.0


Dimensions, HxLxP

32 x 12 x 4.5 cm


1 kg

Power consumption

Internal battery


No special equipment required

Working temperature

–10° to +50°